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VSCO Newsletter No.55 CitySong
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Rucksack Magazine

Colours of Cappadocia

I don’t want to tell you much more about what it is like there, because when we visit somewhere new which has already been described in so much detail to us, it is never the way we initially imagined...


China - A Story by Shawn Tang

This series was shot in the far-west province of Xinjiang, China. The place is typically known for its ethnic unrests in the region, which is also very commonly portrayed across social media. I wanted to see the land for myself; despite all the biases presented, the hatred and the misinterpretation, the cultural landscape of Xinjiang invites me to unveil its unspoken present and past...  

Mediterranean Citizens Story

A Place Around The Sea

Shawn est un photographe new-yorkais dont le travail se focalise sur le paysage et la photographie de voyage. Voyager presque à plein temps au cours de son enfance a développé en lui cette passion qu'il a pour la photographie, ainsi que cette préoccupation croissante pour la relation entre le paysage et les problèmes environnementaux, tels que la pollution atmosphérique, le changement climatique, etc...

Hippo Magazine

Interview with Shawn Tang

Would you mind introducing yourself? Heyyyy, my name is Shawn Tang. I’m currently an architecture student in upstate New York pursuing my bachelor’s degree! I was born in New York City and raised in Europe(Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK…), and yes, I used to speak Swedish and Russian but not anymore. I went back to China with my family when I was around 10 ......

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